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Recordings & Music Samples

Recordings & Music Samples


David Cohen puts himself out there with this EP. A single player, a single guitar, a multitude of melodies and rhythms.

Peter Humphreys
Masterworks Recording

Chaos Theory is David’s 2nd studio recording of original pieces. The compositions are purely David in his world of rhythm and melody. The music was composed between July 2014 and December 2015; each peice written for and on an Ovation classical guitar.

Chaos Theory is six stories. Each story is rooted an individual’s fight for health and security. In the piece that closes the recording, A long Memory of Kindness,  piece comes from a brief period of time spent with a person whom lost the ability of movement from the neck down. Slowly minor movement became visible in one arm.  When it was time to move on in the continuum of care the person told David “I have a long memory of kindness. When I can, I want to write everyone who has helped me to thank them. People have been so kind.”

A long Memory of Kindness was written to close out Chaos Theory with the basic premise; Kindness.

Chaos Theory EP
A Mother’s Blessing • Dancing • Strictly Pharmaceutical • Signals • Chaos Theory  • A long Memory of Kindness

All music composed by David Cohen © 2016
Phil Romeo: Producer, Peter Humphrys: Mastering

Nifty chords and notes by WKellerman

This solo guitar is really so relaxing and that easy feel on ‘A MOTHER’S BLESSING’ started it all! It continued with a kind of peace on ‘A LONG MEMORY OF KINDNESS’ and I went on to find the delicate nuances on ‘CHAOS THEORY’ played with the highest degree of virtuosity. Unconventional chords placed in just the right parts make ‘STRICTLY PHARMACEUTICAL’ distinctive! Truly amazing!