David Cohen Classical & Flamenco Guitar

DAVID COHEN Classical & Flamenco Guitar, Chinese Pipa & Bagpipes

Chaos Theory 2016
“David Cohen puts himself out there with this EP. A single player, a single guitar, a multitude of melodies and rhythms.” Peter Humphreys, Masterworks Recording.

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David Cohen is an award winning musician and recording artist performing on the classical & flamenco guitar, Chinese pipa and the highland bagpipes. David’s two recordings highlight his compositional skill along with his mastery of technique and rhythm. His first CD David Cohen: Guitar, was nominated and won in the category of Best Instrumentalist in 2012’s Jersey Acoustic Musicians Awards. David was the first classical musician ever nominated in the JAM Awards. With the release of  Chaos Theory David’s 2nd release, David hit the road for his first U.K. tour with stops in Edinburgh, Kent and London.

Portions of the profits from DAVID COHEN: GUITAR are donated to the Friends of Fox Chase Cancer Center.

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Action News 6abc Philadelphia CBS 3 Philadelphia • The Montgomery County Ticket • Asbury Park Press • Broad Street Review • The Ocean Grove Record • Puerto Rican Panorama WPVI TV Philadelphia • G-Rock 106.3 • The Breeze Radio 107.1 Monmouth County, NJ • Crossover w/ Jill Pasternak WRTI 90.1 Philadelphia • Sandwich Community Magazine • David has also written for Philadelphia Music Makers Magazine.