David Cohen Classical & Flamenco Guitar

DAVID COHEN Classical & Flamenco Guitar, Chinese Pipa & Bagpipes

Chaos Theory 2016
“David Cohen puts himself out there with this EP. A single player, a single guitar, a multitude of melodies and rhythms.” Peter Humphreys, Masterworks Recording.

classical guitar philadelphia
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classical guitar philadelphia

         Classical & Flamenco Guitar Philadelphia

David Cohen is an award winning musician and recording artist who performs on the classical & flamenco guitar, Chinese pipa and highland bagpipes.

David’s two recordings highlight his compositional skills along with his mastery of technique and rhythm. The first CD David Cohen: Guitar, was nominated and won for Best Instrumentalist in 2012’s Jersey Acoustic Musicians Awards. David  holds the distinction of being the first and only classical musician ever nominated in the Award ceremony. With the 2017 release of  Chaos Theory  David embarked on his first U.K. tour with stops that included performances in Edinburgh and London. London’s gig was at the renowned and historic Troubadour.  The recital in Edinburgh’s took place in the 14th century St. Giles Cathedral on the Royal Mile.

Portions of the profits from DAVID COHEN: GUITAR are donated to the Friends of Fox Chase Cancer Center.

the soothing menace

‘With the presence of an ominous thunderstorm clawing through the clouds comes the invisible beauty of his music. Powerful, delicate, and defining are a few of the words that envelop David Cohen’s tremendous ability to capture a moment and make it last in reality as well as forever in memory. The blissful atmosphere created by the soothing menace of Cohen’s bagpipes bring to mind natures transition from a roaring thunderstorm into the peaceful cool silence of aftermath as the rainwater rolls down a sidewalk. His ability to hit a transition such as that are uncanny as much as they are brilliant. Cohen’s range has no limit. The character as well as personality that accompanies the music is the perfect muse. Cohen has been an annual fixture among our most significant holidays over the past six years and we hope this trend continues infinite. He creates an atmosphere such as without him it would be nearly impossible to recreate and would certainly never live up to the Cohen standard.’

John Kane 2010

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Action News 6abc Philadelphia • CBS 3 Philadelphia • The Montgomery County Ticket • Asbury Park Press • Broad Street Review • The Ocean Grove Record • Puerto Rican Panorama WPVI TV Philadelphia • G-Rock 106.3 • The Breeze Radio 107.1 Monmouth County, NJ • Crossover w/ Jill Pasternak WRTI 90.1 Philadelphia • Sandwich Community Magazine • David has also written for Philadelphia Music Makers Magazine.